Frozen Beverage Machines

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Frozen Beverage Dispenser that is perfect for creating new and exciting products that will set you apart from your competitors.  You can make frozen coffee, Italian granita, frozen margaritas, frozen yogurt and more!  Create your own taste and make new recipes.

  • Available in two models:
    Big Biz I single unit and Big Biz II double unit
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Space efficient
  • 5 year warranty

Are you ready to make a small investment for big profits?  Is so, please contact us!

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Frozen Beverage Machines

Add a delicious frozen flavor to your restaurant or café with the Shakerata frozen beverage machine. Provide your patrons with the taste they crave through a total system that produces quality frozen coffee and beverages until the last drop.

At Viva Caffe, we have two Shakerata frozen beverage machine models for sale - the Big Biz I and Big Biz II, which is a double unit.

We provide the coffee mix, and you add the milk for the perfect Caffe del Nonna!  The machines can be used for all types of frozen drinks, including Italian granite, frozen margaritas, sangria, lemonade, and much more.

Perfect for your coffee bar, hotel or restaurant, the multipurpose machine is easy to use and clean, occupying little space with its compact size. You’ll see a large profit with a small investment and virtually no maintenance costs through its great flexibility. Each Shakerata machine comes with a 5 year warranty!

Ease of Use for Many Purposes & Flavors

In a compact and easy to use apparatus, its electronic system is equipped with density control, defrosting capabilities, and auto-diagnosis to alert you of any issues.

You’ll create a wonderful taste for your customers. For your convenience, the machine comes with no rubber gasket, so you will avoid any leaking.

Equipped with a portion control dispense system, rely on the Shakerata to deliver the perfect frozen coffee or drink.  You can create your own frozen recipes as well.  Your creativity and special inspired ingredients is all you need and the Shakerata machine does the rest. Its flexibility provides easy transition between our Caffe del Nonna and any other frozen drinks you have on your menu.

Incredible Value for All Seasons of the Year

Inquire about the value your establishment will see with the Shakerata.  Add the perfect summer flavor to the menu and offer a complete service to your customers.   Purchase a high-quality Shakerata machine with our special coffee mix from Viva Caffe today.

If you have any questions about the machine or pricing, please contact us. We strive to deliver the very best customer service experience, presenting a unique and profitable opportunity for your business.


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