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We had an idea! Bring over real Italian espresso made in Napoli (Naples Italy), so the American people can taste a small part of our real Italian culture.

Sure, we know that there are plenty of companies that claim to do this, but proof lies in the taste, crema and aroma. Some companies roast the beans here in the US using non-traditional methods. Some companies import espresso from countries other than Italy and make the claim of authenticity.

VIVA did something different! We partnered with a small roaster in the heart of Naples who roasts our espresso in small batches and sends it directly to us. There are no secrets, just the finest Robusta and Arabica beans roasted to perfection!

We invite you to taste just one sip; your palate will thank you! Which goes with our saying, “Let the last taste on the palate, be the first thing they remember!”

VIVA also sells fresh roasted Colombian and American blends! In addition to our exceptionally delicious coffees, we specialize in machines: Espresso and Pod machines, Grinders, Bunn-o- matic brewers and Frozen Beverage Dispensers!

And we do not stop there… We offer full service repairs, maintenance and parts!

We are happy to serve your home or business needs!

Our products, quality, service and prices are testaments to our dedication to bring you enjoyment for the best value!

We proudly service customers all over the US!

We connect and build relationships with our customers. It is simply the best way to appreciate and maintain a partnership. We create a bond with our exceptional espresso and coffee, uncommon old world service and true friendship!

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