Espresso Beans


1 Bag (1-kilo / 2.2lbs)
Available in Regular or Decaf

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Espresso Beans Supplier

Are you looking for a new espresso beans supplier? At Viva Caffe, we sell our beans to both commercial and residential customers. From regular to decaffeinated, our products are available in one-kilo bags (2.2 pounds).

Create a delicious and fine-tasting espresso with our high-quality, authentic beans imported directly from Italy. As a leading supplier of distinct flavors, look no further than Viva Caffe. We have partners in Italy that deliver a fresh aroma every time you grind up the beans. Every day, we see more and more people that appreciate the excellence of our fine beans.

Get the best flavor when you use our espresso pod machines, which have heat-balancing units for optimal extraction of the espresso. The thermal heat exchanger guarantees a perfect blend for every cup.

Whether you just need one 2.2-pound bag or would like to increase your stock with multiple bags to maintain demand in your Pennsylvania area café or restaurant, we’re ready to meet your needs. Get your espresso ground up in a can from Viva Caffe, directly imported from Naples, Italy.

The Best Flavor at All Times

For maximum and whole flavor, we recommend grinding right before you begin to brew. This will bring the entire aroma of our delicious espresso into your cup. As a premier supplier, we strive for complete customer satisfaction, ensuring you are immersed in the luscious taste every time you grind our espresso beans.

There is nothing like the fresh and rich flavors of ground espresso. The Kaldi brand makes one of the best cups you’ve ever tasted at a price that is affordable. Call us today to discuss your needs, and whether you want to buy espresso pods or beans, we are a trusted supplier for your business.

We are confident that your patrons will fall in love with the flavor of our products. If you need a repair or replacement to your machine, we have an extensive network of mechanics to perform espresso machine repairs in the Pennsylvania area and ensure your customers will continue to enjoy the taste every time you grind the beans.

If you have any questions about our brand or the amount you can purchase, get in touch with us today. We are committed to ensuring you have a positive experience at Viva Caffe.

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Weight 2.2 lbs

Regular, Decaf